Popular Granite Countertop Edges

Choosing your granite color for countertop is a big decision,  one of the final decisions will be your “edge profile.” The edge profile is the shape  your edge takes.

Stone countertop can be cut with different edges. Below are several popular countertop edges.

When choosing the edge for your countertop, remember most non-standard edge options are considered upgrades and increase the cost of installing your granite.


1. Square edge

The square edge (also called an Eased Edge or Flat Edge) is one of the most basic cuts, there’s no extra charge for this edge.However, the edge won’t be perfectly square. If you look closely, you’ll see small grooves to soften an otherwise sharp corner.


2.Half Bullnose

Half bullnose is like a waterfall ,half round the top, flat on the bottom,the half bullnose adds an interesting curve to a countertop.This type of edge is very popular.

half bullnose edge

3. Full Bullnose

This type of edge is rounded to a semi-circular shape and is considered an upgraded edge. Depending on the installation company, a full bullnose edge may add $15 to $36 per linear foot to your installation cost. Full bullnose edges are popular because they add a warm and soft profile to the countertop. It’s also a good choice for a bathroom that will be used by small children, as there are no sharp corners or edges.


4. Bevel edge

Another popular contemporary edge.  It has an angular slanting edge with a modern look.

quarter_bevel edge

A beveled cut is a traditional edge reminiscent of classic stone architecture. Also called a chamfer, a bevel is a cut made at a 45-degree angle along the top edge of the granite. Beveled edges come in many variations, including double bevels that feature the top and bottom edge cut at an angle or combining a bevel with other edge styles.

5. Ogee edge

Commonly used for both kitchen and bathroom countertops, the ogee edge is a traditional countertop edge profile that can enhance the look of your stone slab with its elegant curves.

ogee edge

The ogee countertop edge consists of a rounded concave “cove” shape atop a half bullnose profile, convex shape on the bottom edge. The sharper top and bottom edges are contrasted by the soft “S” curve of the classic ogee shape. The ogee countertop edge can vary in style, from deep and dramatic curves to more shallow, delicate curves.



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