New Venetian gold granite

New Venetian gold granite – elegant, style and stunning appearance


The new Venetian gold granite is a beautiful granite of beige and gold. Dark red, grey and brown textures give the granite a unique personality. Despite its name, the new Venetian gold granite has nothing in common with Italy. Granite is mined in Brazil and is also known as Brazilian Gold, Saint Tropez, Vecchia Oro or yellow. In Brazil, it is called Ouro Brasil.

 new venetion gold

The new Venetian gold granite is very popular with designers because of its friendly design and versatility. New Venetian gold granite countertops are available in a variety of styles because of the warmer, gold, neutral tones, black/gray texture and brown garnets. If you intend to add value to your home, or simply remodel your dated boring kitchen, New Venetian Gold is an ideal choice. 

 The granite works well with neutral or earthy tones for more traditional designs and at the same time fits equally well in bold sleek modern designs. Every slab of granite offers a unique beauty of its own. The light colors of the granite combined with white cabinets lighten up the room, while dark wood finishes and solid wood floors create a warm and inviting contrast. Combining cabinets in white and dark colors is also a winning combination which makes the granite look very sophisticated. You could use it as a backsplash for your kitchen to add to the elegant look and high end atmosphere. Dark cherry or light bamboo cabinets this is up to your taste.


Like most natural stone products, the new Venetian gold granite needs to be sealed to extend its useful life. The good news is that granite countertops require minimal maintenance. Once sealed, they will need to be resealed for a specific period of time and your local dealer will give you the necessary instructions. What you need to know is that granite has high heat resistance and scratch resistance.

In addition it is stain resistant and eventual spills will not cause damage to your new countertop. New Venetian Gold is a perfect choice for food preparation, for breakfast bars or kitchen islands with seating where you can enjoy a meal with family and friends. Smooth and polished – these countertops will keep you happy for a long time.

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