How to determine if your kitchen is suitable for creating an island

In modern kitchen design, many layouts contain an island, so many homeowners will consider adding an island to their new kitchen when making kitchen renovations.

However, before you officially implement this design, you need to know if your kitchen layout is really suitable for creating an island. There are alternatives: the peninsula and a moveable island that rolls out of the way of foot-traffic and slides in place for entertaining.

  kitchen island

As a kitchen designer, I recommend that the kitchen should have 11×11 feet of extra space to accommodate an island (14×11 feet is a better choice).I also recommend 3.5 feet of circulation (foot room) between counter areas.

Kitchens can often be 10×12 or 8×16, and these just won’t work for an island, In a small kitchen, I would never sacrifice the work space.

Therefore, when we are designing a new kitchen, we should design according to the actual space of our kitchen.

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