The most popular cabinets – white shaker cabinet

As a kitchen designer, in daily contact, customers often encounter the problem of choosing cabinet style and color and the white shaker cabinet is the most popular style and color choice.

The White Shaker Kitchen has a history that dates back to the 1770s. The design originated from a religious movement during the American colonial era. The design helps in avoiding the flourishing of style by using simple and functional aesthetics. The White shaker kitchen cabinets are among the most popular trends in the market of current kitchen renovations because they have a classy and a simple look.

white shaker cabinet

In fact, cabinetry is the central focal point of any kitchen.White Shaker cabinets can make any kitchen look larger and brighter. Its’ clean and simple design pairs well with any layout or color scheme, and is adaptable enough for use in both traditional and modern homes. White Shaker brings together a color and design combination that has transcended every kitchen trend. Therefore, installing white shaker cabinets is a good choice all the way round.

They say that white matches with anything,Whatever your preference, the possibilities and choices are endless when white cabinetry is the main color. In addition, it’s easy to add additional colors in any hue. Sunshine yellow, bright orange, or other shades all work well when you install country white premium cabinets in your kitchen. The effect of the black handles on these white cabinets rounds off the look nicely, and creates a bold contrast that is pleasant and energizing, but not over-the-top.

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