Step by Step Guide to Measuring for Kitchen Cabinets

Use this guide to draw a basic floorplan for your kitchen. Our designers can use your measurements to create an estimate and design options.

Make sure to take some pictures of your kitchen and bring them along or send them to us along with your floorplan drawing. Pictures are extremely helpful.

Step 1 – Start with a blank sheet of paper and sketch the walls of your kitchen. Hint: Imagine you are able the kitchen looking down. Sketch the walls as they appear from above.

Step 2 – Mark and label any windows and doors in the walls.

Step 3 – Draw in the sink, stove/range, refrigerator, dishwasher, and any other appliances.

Step 4 – Sketch in the cabinets. Hint: Use a solid deeper line to indicate base
cabinets, and a shallow dotted line to indicate wall cabinets.

Step 5 – Measure the overall length of the walls and label the drawing accordingly. Hint: Leave plenty of room for more measurements.

Step 6 – Measure the overall width of each window and door including the trim and label accordingly. Then, starting from a wall corner (or the end of a wall), measure to the edge of each window and door and label.

Step 7 – Starting from the corner (or the end of a wall if necessary) measure along the wall to the center of the sink and to the center of each appliance and label each center on your layout. Hint: We usually do not need the dishwasher center.

Step 8 – Measure the height of your ceiling from the finished floor and label your floorplan. Also, add any specific cabinet measurements that are not already included. Congrats – You’re all done.

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