Some good design ideas for small kitchen (part 1)

For most people, the kitchen is the center of family life. When people start their new day or go home from work, the kitchen is often the place where everyone gathers. However, not every family has a large kitchen to use.
Just because you don’t have enough space doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely kitchen. With the right design tips and tricks, you can turn a smaller kitchen into a pleasant and practical space. There are actually a lot of clever ways and tricks that can make a difference in the kitchen and enhance the fun of your kitchen.
Don’t be limited by the small kitchen space. Here are some design ideas that can be used as a reference to inspire you to make the most of your own kitchenette.


1. Utilizing vertical space

Many kitchens have soffits, for small kitchens, consider removing it when remodeling. Always do exploratory holes to see what is behind them before you go tearing anything out.(A kitchen soffit is usually a boxy structure built to hide wiring, pipes, or other mechanicals, or to fill the space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling. )

Taking out the soffit not only opens up the space and makes it feel bigger,  but it also allows you to take the cabinets higher, which draws your eye up , making space feel bigger.

small kitchen with soffit(before)(before)

remove soffit from small kitchen(after)


2.Counter depth refrigerators are also KEY in small spaces.

You know how some refrigerators are so deep that they stick out past the counter? Well, there is a whole genre of the appliance out there that is made to fit flush with the depth of the counter, eliminating those awkward ins-and-outs in the kitchen.For small kitchens, sometimes using this type of refrigerator can make the kitchen look bigger and more tidy, and Cabinet above fridge opens up for easy accessibility.

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3.Build under cabinet drawers and increase kitchen storage

Gain extra storage space in the kitchen by installing toe-kick drawers under your base cabinets. Just assemble the drawer units in your shop, then slip them under the cabinets and screw them in place.

To gain storage space, you usually have to give up space somewhere else. Not in this case. Hidden under almost every kitchen cabinet, there’s a cavity containing nothing but air. This low, shallow cavity isn’t prime storage space for everyday items, but it’s perfect for bakeware, cleaning supplies, pet dishes and more.

build under cabinet drawers and increase kitchen storage

4.Remove a wall

Removing a wall visually opens up the kitchen, making it feel much larger. You’ll be able to chat with family members and guests without having them underfoot while you work in the kitchen. If you’re also remodeling the kitchen, think about installing peninsula cabinets with a wide countertop and an overhang for seating.It will be a favorite place for kids to do their homework, and it can also provide extra seating for guests when there is a party.

5.Use a single-bowl sink

Single-bowl sinks will seem more spacious but take up less room that a double-bowl sink. If you’re remodeling your small kitchen, consider installing a single-bowl sink.

6.Make a blind-corner cabinet more accessible

Blind-corner cabinets are cabinets on inside corners that are accessible from only one door. If you have a blind-corner cabinet in your kitchen, you know how hard it is to reach anything that gets shoved to the back. Most kitchen designers will try to plan space for a lazy Susan base cabinet instead of a blind corner. These have rotating shelves that provide good access to the contents. But if you’re stuck with a blind-corner cabinet and no lazy Susan, here are a few options worth exploring.


The unique corner cabinet slide-out device consists of two wired storage bins on each slide-out, with two total slide-outs on the device. To use it, simply pull out the first pair of storage bins, and the bins in the far corner will automatically move over and be able to be slid out right behind the first set of bins.
Once fully slid out, all of the storage bins will be completely outside of the cabinet door to easily access any item. The corner cabinet slide-out system is easily installed on most 45 inch blind corner cabinets with a 15 inch opening.

7 .Make the most of every inch with roll-outs

Base cabinets have tons of room, but you have to get down on your knees to reach the back. And even then it’s hard to see what’s back there. Roll-out shelves are a great solution. You can order new cabinets with roll-outs already installed. Or you can easily add them to existing cabinets. There are many options. Factory-made units that you install yourself cost $30 to $400. Or you can make your own.

cabinet roll-out

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