How to plan your kitchen

Good planning will help you get the most out of your kitchen, here are a few simple things to think about,.

You should be able to move quickly and easily between the cooking area the fridge and the sink, this is sometimes called the working triangle .

working triangle

The shape of your kitchen will usually be dictated by the shape of the room ,but just because your existing kitchen is one shape, doesn’t necessarily mean your new kitchen has to be the same ,here are a few layout options a line kitchen which is good for small kitchens ,but not so good for bigger rooms, if you have the space you can add an island which not only gives you more storage but can also be a serving area .

one wall shape kitchen layout with a island

A hangout and a room divider an l-shaped kitchen creates a good working triangle and gives you lots of storage space.

L-shape kitchen

A u-shaped kitchen gives you loads of storage and worktop space, but you’ll need a big room,

U-shape kitchen

A parallel kitchen gives you to work and storage stations on opposite walls, it doesn’t need that much space and works really well , in rooms with a door or window at the end when it comes to worktops space on both sides of the hob who give you somewhere to put hot pans,but if you’re short on space prioritize ,the space between the sink and the hop in a parallel kitchen, make sure there’s room for two people to work without bumping into each other ,a distance of at least 120 centimeters will let you open drawers and doors on both sides at the same time.

 parallel kitchen

 parallel kitchen

Place wall cabinets at a height that won’t block the view of the countertops, make sure you follow the manufacturers recommendation when it comes to the height of the fan above the hob, placing your oven at eye level means less bending and keeps the oven out of reach of the kids, counter space beside the oven will give you somewhere to put hot trays ,keeping your cooking utensils and pots and pans close to the hob means they’ll always be within reach, when you need them storing your glasses cutlery and porcelain, close to the sink and dishwasher will make loading and unloading the dishwasher easier.

How to plan your kitchen

Leave space for a filler piece between the last cabinet and the wall ,this will give you enough room to fully open the door which is especially important .

Leave space for a filler piece between the last cabinet and the wall

If you have pull-out wire baskets, here are some things to avoid, putting your oven or dishwasher in a corner will block the adjacent drawers, and cabinets.

How to plan your kitchen

Placing a sink next to a wall will disrupt your workflow and reduce your countertop space, placing the oven next to a wall will expose the wall to heat and fat splashes ,placing drawers in a corner will block the adjoining cabinet and may damage its door or handle.

How to plan your kitchen

seem like a lot to think about, don’t worry ,we will help you with these things.

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