How to choose cabinets, countertops and backsplash for the kitchen

When decorating the kitchen, it is very important to choose cabinets. There are many cabinets on the market to choose from. Here are some precautions when choosing cabinets:

1. Understand the quality of wood
Nowadays, more of the products used in the market are MAPLE, and better, walnuts, etc. In addition, the most important thing is to distinguish what materials are used in the cabinets you choose.
Cabinet wood is divided into solid wood, PLYWOOD, MDF, PARTICLEBOARD. When we choose cabinets, we sometimes notice the same color, but the price varies greatly. The reason is that they use different materials, the price of solid wood will certainly be more expensive, MDF The price is relatively cheaper.
Better cabinets basically use solid wood to make doors and frame , while side panels, back panels  and shelves generally use plywood.

2. Choose hardwood

Such as cherry, walnut, maple, birch. Most of the first three materials are produced in North America, and the price tends to be  high. Most of the birch is from Asia, and the cost is relatively low.

3. How to match the color of the cabinet and the countertop

Generally, we recommend that the color of the cabinet should be contrasted with the color of the countertop. The countertop and the floor can be the same color. If the cabinet is warm color(such as cherry, brown, honey, etc.), choose a warm tone countertop and the ground to match. Young people may prefer cold-toned cabinets (black, grey, white, etc.) to match with cool-toned countertops, which may seem more coordinated overall. For example, if you like gray or black cabinets, you can consider using white countertop to match. Of course, when you choose the ground, you should also consider the white series of floors to match.

It should be noted that: try not to choose two colors that are very close to each other (such as gray cabinets and gray countertops), you can choose a color with a slight color difference in the same color system.

The general principle is to choose the cabinet first, then choose the countertop and the floor to match.

4. Pay attention to the details of the cabinet
For example: Is the drawer soft close? Some details may affect the life of the cabinet.

5. Selection of wall materials between cabinets and countertops (backsplash)
The main function of this is waterproof, but also makes the kitchen more beautiful. We can achieve this by paving waterproof tiles, but be aware that the choice of tile color should match the countertop.
In addition, if the selected tiles are small, there will be more gaps between the tiles after the paving, which may have an impact on the cleaning work, so you can also consider using large tiles.

6. Design kitchen
This generally requires a professional designer to do it, but you can do a rough measurement first, do a simple plan yourself, then bring this measurement to the cabinet store, let the designer do the work, generally they Will help you make a design for free, give you a design and a quote.

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