How to avoid the biggest mistakes in kitchen design

We brought together professional kitchen designers to listen to what they need to pay attention to when designing the kitchen. They shared the biggest mistakes they thought they would avoid when planning or remodeling their kitchen.

Ignore the kitchen work triangle
Triangles – sinks, refrigerators, stoves – not outdated, we noticed that some builders placed the refrigerator, stove and sink on both sides of the island when designing the kitchen layout, you had to bypass the kitchen island to take something out of the fridge. This is a relatively large mistake in design, and the kitchen work triangle needs to be respected.


Forgot the basic functions of the kitchen
When designing a kitchen, many people may first consider the appearance of the kitchen and ignore the basic functions of the kitchen.

They’re so excited about the tile or the cabinets, then they realize they placed their dishwasher next to a cabinet in such a way that you can’t have them both open at the same time. Or people order refrigerators with doors that open the wrong way. You want the refrigerator to open toward the area where you’ll be working in your kitchen.


Designed for others
Remember, this is your own kitchen, don’t be influenced by the kitchen design of other homes, Trying to meet the expectations of other people. It’s a trap, because then you end up with more than you need. For example, people often think they need more cabinets than they do, and they’ll fill their kitchen with too many cabinets and then they have to go shopping to try to fill them. Or they get gigantic appliances that don’t suit the way they cook and live. you should consider designing a kitchen that suits your lifestyle.

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