Examples: A U-shaped kitchen remodel

Original design: Sink at the corner, dishwasher under window, cooktop in the island, refrigerator is on the other wall.

the original layout like this:

#15 is a bump out (9″x10″)

Customer wants to place the sink under the window, and diswasher next to it, stove on left side.

need island, over hang

new layout

Below are something need to be pay attention

(1) corner is empty, needs to use 2″x4″ to create a support

(2) #22 :bump out (9″x10″)

(3) #21 : 6″ base filler,( because the handle of the stove will sticks out about 5″-6″ inches,make sure the drawer of #18 can be fully open)

(4) #3 : BF336-3″ base filler,( make sure the door of the stove can be fully open)

(5)#15: DWR- 3″ dishwasher side panel, use to support countertop.



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