Choosing the Best Kitchen Appliances – Cooktops, Ovens & Microwaves

If you have questions about kitchen appliances, cooktops, ovens, microwaves, I’m here today to share some answers.

For cooktops, the primary consideration is power. So when it comes to a decision of buying a gas cooktop, number one’s going to be about power and the ability of bringing those pots to boil rapidly or being able to bring a very, very low simmer. Going along with power is functionality. The quality of the grates themselves. They’ve got to last. So cast iron grates, very heavy duty. They’re not going to warp over time and as they age and heat up, and the ability to keep them clean.

Some kitchens call for a high-end aesthetic. The good news is there are cooktops available that fit the bill with an almost futuristic look. Smooth controls, smooth elements. But for most people, the question is more a matter of function and space.

If you don’t go for a built-in cooktop, slide-ins are a great alternative. What I mean by slide-in is it easily just slides in to an existing opening. You don’t have to have special cabinetry built to bring this in. And it is that all-in-one solution. Depending on your space and cooking needs, you can opt for a single or a double oven.

In addition to the color and finish, your interface has a big impact on the oven’s aesthetics. Very smooth controls, not a lot of buttons in the way, giving it a nice lean, uncluttered look, and this beautiful touchscreen interface.

For bigger meals, it’s important to have an oven with sturdy hardware. Heavy-duty smooth gliding rack is fit for you. When you’ve got those heavier items and you need to stir or turn the food around, this is going to hold that steady for you.

Certain models have some really cool extra features. This is actually a baking drawer. So you could bake the breads. You could slow cook a pie, for example, inside. It has more function than simple storage. We all know microwaves are incredibly convenient for heating up easy meals and leftovers. But that doesn’t mean they should be an afterthought when designing your kitchen.

Your microwave ought to blend in with the aesthetic of your other appliances. We call this kind of a monitor-style controls. So instead of having them off to the right, juts gives you that kind of cool, almost a widescreen TV look.

Some models deliver valuable features, too, like over-the-range vents to capture rising grime.
Smoke and grease tend to start rising up and rising over your cabinetry.
A typical over-the-range microwave can’t capture a lot of that. So with a simple press of the button, the Extenda Vent pulls forward and can capture more of that smoke, grease, and odor. And here’s a neat feature that saves energy and time when preparing meals.
Some type of microwave even has a warming lamp. We can actually keep it warm inside without using microwaves.

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