Attaching sink(s) to the countertop

1. Apply a continuous bead of silicone adhesive on to the entire circumference of the sink(s).

2. Carefully turn the counter top upside down while supporting from each end and from beneath. (Note: While turning over double sink counter tops, always provide support from each end as well as the center for safety)

3. Put the sink(s) over the cutout and attach it firmly using provided mounting brackets and screws.

4. Use mounting brackets and screws provided to tighten the sink(s) snuggly to the counter top.

During installation, handle the counter top and sink(s) with optimum care. They may break if hit hard on a solid surface. Don’t start using the vanity right away. Wait for approximately 24 hours after installation so that the silicone adhesive can dry.

Avoid using any type of rough/abrasive cleaning material on sink(s) and vanity top. We suggest using a mild liquid soap and water dampened soft cloth for cleaning your sink and vanity top.

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